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Published on May 30, 2008 By 9-5gaming In Gaming

For nearly a year my wife and I were enrolled into the Blockbuster mail-you-the-movies online crap. Why? Because it was cheaper than cable and we lived behind the bloody store. In case that makes no sense to you when Blockbuster brought in this service for some $16.50 I could have three movies out at a time and take them to the store to rent the next one for free while I waited for the next mail delivery. It was a great system and I loved it. Netfilx seemed to be doomed.

To combat that Netfilx lowered prices and set up a “Watch Instantly” streaming service to your PC. This might have been a good idea unless you are one of those people on a Friday that can’t squeeze the bandwidth out of your cable because some idiot is watching Ghost Busters 2 in the office. In retribution Blockbuster started screwing up their own service by placing limits all over my wonderful service. It was like watching an older brother let his younger pipsqueak brother get free hits in the groin just to show him how futile it all was.

In the most brilliant (and by brilliant I mean long winded rants suggesting this online all over) move in Netflix history the company is now getting ready to start offering movies through online Video Game consoles. In this case the Xbox 360.

The sheer fact that Netfilx might have never considered the pipeline for online content to the stupid TV set in your house makes my head ring like I’m holding some frightened gypsy over my shoulder screaming “sanctuary”. Anyone over the age of sixteen with a PS3 or a 360 has the online content. For very little money a month I could stream movies to my 42" TV instead of my 19" monitor (with bad sound) as often as fifteen or sixteen times per month for what it costs me to buy 1.65-5.2 movies on On Demand. Let us hope they go forward with this rumored plan of theirs.

Really in the end I just want Blockbuster and Comcast to catch it right in the ass so whatever you need Netfilx, you just let me know.

PS- Why the hell are you not renting games? Do you own one of the other game-in-the-mail companies I don’t know about?

My Chi is often confused why I still buy movies for the PSP.

on May 31, 2008

I must say that I highly enjoy my Netfilx.  When Blockbuster came out with their plan I thought about switiching, fortunatly, I went through the dirty process of moving.  Now I see what's happeneing to blockbuster and I throughly agree with you.  Netflix however needs a games section.

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