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Published on June 2, 2008 By 9-5gaming In Gaming

I don’t know how many gamers rely on game stores these days. EB Games/Game Stop have become a corporate shadowy corpse of once known glory. I for one hope and pray that they drop below the deck on sales thanks to digital distribution.

Game Stop makes about 50 cents on the dollar with used games. Employees throw some preprogrammed rigmarole at you as you walk in about trading your games back then they try pushing the used titles. Fair enough in a free market but it is beyond annoying. Ever listen to the crap your waiter has to say when they approach the table? No, you don’t because you know it is drivel he is enthusiastically trying to say in an effort not to get fired. Almost everyone knows you get less than 50% back in your trade in to the store and should you want it in cash, less than even that. What ticks me off about these places is more the people that work in them.

You work in a game store yet you know near nothing about games. Have you EVER been in a comic book store that was not manned by someone that knew something about comics? More so have you ever been in a specialty shop that has someone totally oblivious to the product they are selling? I have. A few weeks ago in an EB Games I began chatting with someone out loud about games and the store employee chimed in with a “Would you like to pre order Metal Gear solid 4?” out of no where. In a slow turn of annoyance I looked at this toon to ask him… Sure! What is it about? To get “Oh, I don’t know. It just seems, um, popular and I thought I would ask.”

If you want to try this out for yourself walk through any mall, go up to the blonde girl standing at the door of the Eddie Bower (or whatever clothing store) who is greeting like a flight attendant. “Hi, how are you? Hello! Welcome to Eddie Bower!” Walk right up to them and say “Fine, how are you?” the blank look of concern/fear and the blood running from their ears as you force the deviation from the preconceived situations that the training videos cover.

Back to the moron; after several minutes of grilling our ignorant game peddler to find out the very poor extent of his knowledge I asked him about used PC titles. He perked right up again to tell me they had a large assortment. When I spotted a Diablo 2 box set I asked if I could play that online. He picked up the box to check the back and told me I could. I then Dr. Jekylled on him again saying “No, I can’t. It is used, a serial number is needed to play. It is against the ULA to sell that game again. You are lying to me.” To which he replied “ULA?”

I buy retail games from Best Buy now. I buy nearly all my PC games through digital download as well as most of my Xbox live games. With more developers like Stardock getting into the mix with their Impulse product someone like me won’t have to put up with annoyances like Steam for much longer. More so I will not have to be annoyed with idiots in my game store.
I hope more developers lean hard on this kind of distribution because regardless of what Game Stop might bring in for them, they certainly aren’t looking out for the developers of all their content.



My Chi is for resale.



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